What we’ve found is that the giving back

Workspace become a sustainable, community-minded environment, where coworkers can gain a sense of belonging thanks to its bold social responsibility initiatives. For instance, Banyan Workspace donates two percent of individual membership fees to one of four local charities, subject to the member’s choice. Banyan Workspace’s values have attracted companies that perhaps haven’t been able to make time for corporate social responsibility but want to start.

co working space hk - Join us in Lai Chi Kok.Aside from higher level CSR engagements, there are other small ways to involve community outreach, and a lot of it is in the pantry: The cookies come from St. James Settlement. The nuts come from the old lady down the road. people prefer oat milk in their beverages rather than dairy. There’s a sophisticated, seven-category waste management system including tetra pak recycling - where they are taken to a local plant to get turned into toilet roll. Food waste, used coffee grounds and tea bags are composted so they don’t end up in the landfill. Members receive a collapsible silicone coffee cup that they can take around. The company also offers reusable lunch boxes that people can take to nearby restaurants for their takeout - these are early-generation tupperware boxes from Hong Kong startup Revolv, which offers eco-friendly to-go solutions.

Running a Coworking hong kong space in Wan Chai, Commons understands the perks of collaborative workspaces.Within the interior design itself, these values come across with a lean towards natural materials and eco-friendly touches. For instance, the wallpaper is made from 100 percent woven raffia, which uses recycled backing. The plants have all been chosen for their air filtering quality. Furniture and upholstery were considered for their locality wherever possible, to lower the shipping distance and the carbon footprint that comes with it. Natural leather was selected for the chairs rather than pVC as it was better for the environment, plus the life cycle of the chairs last longer.

hpe converged infrastructure. It combines all your IT infrastructure and advanced data services in a single.“What we’ve found is that the giving back, the sustainability and the aesthetics of the space - it attracts a certain type of like minded person,” says Shroff. “It’s nice because I feel like even when someone walks through the door here, I don’t feel like you’re meeting an employee, they’re meeting someone who is actively passionate about the business, passionate about the space. If a business has already got those values, it’s easier to decide whether you’d like to be a part of it or to work with them.”


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Aside from higher level CSR engagements

where coworkers can gain a sense of belonging

there are other small ways to involve community outreach

There’s a sophisticated, seven-category waste management